cold elbows

April 19, 2017

Cold shoulders to COLD ELBOWS-- this tee [ONLY $68!] is the cutest! I love a plain black basic top & this one just beats my others just a little with the open elbows. It adds a little edginess to a plain black tee. You can pair this cold elbow top with just about everything! I am not someone you would see in a skirt very often but this look is so easy & SO comfortable. Plain easy tee with some cut open elbows along with a leather skirt & throw on a pair of espadrilles-- 

I am loving this spring warmer weather.. some days, like today, are a little too chilly after getting a taste of the warmth but I will take it any day other than that cold winter wind we had this winter! Ah. We just got into spring but I am really craving hot weather, shorts & sandals. Cannot wait!

Top: MICHAEL LAUREN   /   Skirt: H&M   /   Shoes: CHANEL   /   Bag: GUCCI

all time favorite spring jacket

April 10, 2017

If you're reading this & you know my sister, then you will probably get a good laugh because how I found this jacket is all because of her. My sister, Cara, yeah she doesn't like shopping with me all the time.. I like to look through everything & she's so opposite. She likes to take a lap & if nothing catches her eye, she's done. Clearly she doesn't find shopping as fun as I do haha. Well anyways, I was with her in Nordstrom and I had just finished putting about 88 things into my fitting room (in which she was making fun of me for that) and I was taking my last steps through the few sections that I didn't check out yet and she grabs this jacket and SO sarcastically goes "how about this dan!!!" and she was so confused to see my eyes literally light up hahaha. I was like YESSSSS and she was like umm I was joking... and I was like nono Cara this is like me but in jacket form! She finally understood how cute it was when I put it on in the fitting room & then again after seeing these photos. She is the funniest person I know.. literally always making me laugh but I guess I need to drag her along with me on more shopping trips so she can make fun of me but find my favorite pieces for me!!

MY FAVORITE JACKET. & of course it is Blank NYC.. So yes I have an obsession with this jacket & haven't gone a day wearing it without getting atleast 5 comments on it asking me where it's from or how cute they think it is! It's the perfect spring jacket & I am in love with the embroidery on it. This will not be the last time you see this jacket here haha. If you are having second thoughts about buying it, don't!! It is TOTALLY worth it, I promise.

This blouse is also soso cute! I grabbed it in Nordstrom (link below & under $50!) I knew I would love this top paired with these jeans. It's such a perfect top for an everyday wear and an easy top for going out on the weekend or for a nice dinner.

Jacket: BLANK NYC   /   Top: NORDSTROM   /   Pants: LEVIS   /   Shoes: STEVE MADDEN   /   Bag: CHLOE

business messy

April 6, 2017

When I first saw this top, I tried "fixing" it but the sales woman told me that it is supposed to be like that.. whoops. Sometimes, fashion surprises me with all it's tricks & different styles but once I put this top on, it was so me! It has that business messy look to it. Almost as if you were late to work and put the wrong buttons together on your blouse or rushing after a makeout session to quickly put on your top but you button the wrong buttons together haha! It gives off that classy but sexy look. Classy with the feel & color but sexy with the "messy" and the low cut on the chest. I love pairing this top with leggings or jeans-- but these jeans are my fav [wait till you see how many times they will show up on this blog ha!] They are the exact replica of the previous blue knee ripped Levi's you can see if my recent blog posts, but they're grey. I actually find myself loving these ones a tad bit more, just because I find grey jeans very easy, dark & cooler than the blue. But I still love them both & wear both about almost everyday- They were $90 and some people can say that's a lot for jeans [depending on what you like to spend] but to be honest, jeans can get so high in price.. I found these just right especially for how much I love them. Stay dry in this rainy weather over here in NJ--

Top: FINDER'S KEEPERS   /   Jeans: LEVI'S   /   Shoes: SIMILAR (STEVE MADDEN)   /   Bag: GUCCI

time to workout

April 4, 2017

I gotta be honest.. after my vacation in February to Turks & Caicos, I took waaaay too long of a break going to the gym. I was very committed and stuck to going everyday before vacation (us girls do that- we need some type of motivation to get us going when it comes to working out) and then once I got home I needed a little break.. but that little break turned into two months! BUT I am swearing now that I am getting my butt back into the gym TONIGHT! My boyfriend laughs at me everytime I say that because then on my way home from work later, there's always an excuse haha! But I swear. Speaking of my boyfriend- that's another motivation for me.. well not just for him- I work out for myself.. but we just booked a trip last night to Cancun, Mexico!! That'll definitely get my buttox to the gym! 

The things that help to get me motivated to getting back into the gym starts with what I am going to wear.. I'm serious. Buying a new pair of fresh sneakers or a cool sports bra are those little things that motivate me to want to look good.. which brings me to the gym. This gym apparel by Alala has been my key motivator to getting me back in the gym. This jacket is my absolute favorite! It almost makes me feel like I am getting ready for a boxing match, haha. It has a scuba material feel to it and the style of it is so cool. Surprisingly, workout clothes are one of my fav clothes to buy. Along with sweats, I prefer loungewear or workout wear on a casual day when I have no plans or I am running errands. Gym wear to street wear is where it's at. 

You can check out more cute workout apparel by Alala, HERE.

Jacket: ALALA   /   Top: LULULEMON   /   Pants: ZAFUL   /   Shoes: CHANEL

scarves & distressed jeans

March 31, 2017

Like I mentioned in a past blog post, I love using scarves to transition into spring from winter. If you live in or near NJ you would know how cold it is.. still. I may not be layering up like I did in the middle of winter but bundling is still a must. So I plan on wearing scarves until my neck is warm enough to be free haha. I love also using this way of transition to bring out the colors of spring fashion. Wearing a "wintery" look but pairing it with a colored scarf- is my way of entering spring while still being prepared for the weather. And ripped jeans are just a must all year round. My favorite look right now is a casual look with some distressed jeans paired with a colored scarf. Speaking of these jeans (which happen to be my favorite ever) I recently got these pair in a dark grey that you will seen soon on the blog! It is so hard to find REAL denim these days with all this "jegging" (jean/legging) material everywhere! Levi's are the way to go.
Happy Friday & enjoy your weekend-- ps. how is tomorrow April?!?


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