that everyday bomber jacket

May 23, 2017

I find myself throwing on this bomber jacket all the time. Especially with this warm and colder weather going on (the weather is bipolar currently) on those colder spring days right now I find myself just grabbing this jacket. And, it goes with everything & anything! The little floral embroidery is the perfect spring/summer touch just in case I pair this jacket with an all black outfit haha. But I paired it along with some lighter shades for this look. This shooting day was hot but this jacket is actually on the lighter side so I wasn't sweating my butt off.

These shorts are also my fav! They are by Free People & denim shorts don't get any more comfier than this pair. I love all the disressing and frays at the bottom of the shorts- I also am very picky about my denim washes.. I love lighter denim washes unless I am looking for a black or grey pair. When it comes to spring/summer I find myself in the lighter "blue" looking denim shorts. Even though a dark wash looks great with white also!

And last but not least- these shoes are the cutest!! I love pairing them along with shorts & they go perfectly every time. And you can find them on sale below :D xoxo

my kinda everyday outfit

May 15, 2017

All black with a touch of white is my kinda everyday outfit. Whether the "pop" of white comes from your bag or your sneakers, it's my fav. All black can be worn all year long no matter what the season and I always find myself choosing black most of the time- it's just so easy to pair & always looks good. You could definitely do the opposite of course also! Especially in the summer -- all white look with some black sneakers or shoes to add some contrast. 

These leggings are actually Spanx & there is nothing better than them! They seriously pull everything in which is amazing and they really are so comfortable. I love their little "leather" detailing on the sides/backs starting from the thigh down. AND they are on sale if you click the link to them below! They are normally almost $100 but on sale for less than $60! So worth it, I promise.

Wedge sandals are back in!! I have linked to these and some of my other favorite ones below--


shades of blue

May 12, 2017

Photos by : KAT ALVAREZ

Besides black, grey & white... blue is my favorite color to wear. Especially in the spring/summer time. And although the weather is taking long to pick up that IT IS spring & IT IS may- I have broken out my shorts completely and try to wear them on the "nicer" colder days haha. Really just cannot wait for it to be hot. I am that person that would rather be sweating than freezing my butt off.

So I have been really into cool & different sleeves lately with my tops. This one is really pretty with its dark navy blue shade and it's open sleeves from the forearm down. It adds that little cuteness or dressiness to it. So dressing it up or down is so easy. This look can be paired with heels (like above) or an easy slip on sneaker~

Annnnnd these shoes. So many compliments whenever I am wearing them. They actually do run slightly big in sizing, so I really suggest sizing down a half size or a full size down (if you want the "knitting" to be tight on your foot). I love how comfortable they are & don't let the heel size freak you out, I have worn them for a few hours at a time & haven't complained. They are so perfect for the rest of spring & of course summer. I have linked them below along with all the colors that it comes with (mix of the brand I am wearing above & the Steve Madden pair). My fav look right now is shorts & heels--


caseapp x layne + simple

May 10, 2017

My obsession with my Layne & Simple case is so undeniable. Being able to create and actually design my own personal case, was the best thing ever. CASEAPP lets you customize your own personal case however you choose. The process is so easy and their prices are SO good. Not to mention, I received my cases so quick also! I am always getting compliments on this case. Whether you want a special photo on your case or a saying- I totally recommend going to CASEAPP and designing your own there.

The marble case was always a case I wanted. I am someone who always likes a change of my case every now and then- so I also got this light white/grey marble case to switch on & off with my "Layne + Simple" one. AND I have to mention that these cases surpisingly and amazingly DON'T get dirty! I know what you are thinking.. yes they are both white & light but they have been through everything with me over the past few weeks after receiving them & when they get a mark on them, I easily just rub it off. I love it!! I was always afraid of getting a light case cause I have seen those dirty cases that look so gross but I am so glad I trusted CASEAPP with a light/white case.

Customize your own personal case HERE > CASEAPP

This post is sponsored by CaseApp - products were picked, created, and designed by me.

leggings are pants

May 9, 2017

These Lilybod leggings are the coolest leggings to be working out in or running errands in. Either way, I needed to have them when I saw them. The little details all over are what really makes them super cool. With the "little holes" on the thighs and front calves along with the little white lace near the knee! Although I haven't decided yet if they are black or dark blue haha. When I first saw them, I could've sworn they were black but now I see blue. Anyways- they're cute AF either way. Lilybod has so many cute leggings for working out or in general- I linked to a few other that I love below. Leggings are PANTS- I don't care what anyone says. They are an everyday wear whether you work out or not!

Speaking of working out- so I have started this workout program called BBG - if you haven't heard of it before, well it stands for Bikini Body Guide and it was created by a woman, from Adelaide, South Australia, Kayla Itsines and her boyfriend Tobi Pearce. I could talk more about Kayla Itsines and how amazing she is after doing a lot of research before starting this program but I won't get into that-- So this program is 3 days a week workouts- each workout consists of 2 different circuits of 4 workout exercises. A tad bit confusing but it's easy to learn more about it just by searching in google. So you do each circuit for 7minutes, as fast as you can, as many times as you can.. & then do them again to total 28mins! It is a 28min workout!! Nothing better than that. I am currently on week 6 out of 12. I plan on showing my transformation on here or Instagram after my week 12 but well see haha. If this is something you are interested in learning more about from me or would like to see my transformation after week 12 let me know :). I really recommend it to anyone-- It will kick your ass but if your going to work out, you might as well kick your ass, no?! I think so.

Photo credit: KAT ALVAREZ


mint in my closet

May 4, 2017

Remember when all my blog posts had dark colors & mostly black just alittle while ago.. I guess I have a change of heart.. JUST KIDDING- I still LOVE black & it's my favorite color (yes, it is a color in my opinion).. but I am experimenting with other colors for the spring and I am loving it. I still will not try anything pink or red, nope. But I am opening up to lighter blues & greens. This mint jacket was such an eye-catcher when I spotted it in Nordstrom. I knew before even looking at the tag that it was BLANK NYC & if you have been following me for awhile now, you must know I love BLANK NYC. Almost all of my jackets are by them- Anyways, I grabbed this jacket and paired it along with a cute spring floral top to darken my look a little bit so I didn't feel so bright & colorful (the mint was already stepping out of my comfort zone, haha) and then paired it with my fav grey jeans & some booties. This look would also be SO cute with white sneakers, for the on-the-go cute errand look. 

Jacket: BLANK NYC   /   Top: HINGE   /   Pants: LEVIS   /   Shoes: STEVE MADDEN

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